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Import Demo Contents

Before import theme demo data, You need to install our theme recommended plugins.

To install recommended plugins goto Your Admin Dashboard -> Appearance -> Businesswp -> Recommended Actions -> Then install one by one plugins.

Now, You can start to import our theme demo data.

Import Theme Demo Contents

Goto Your Admin Dashboard -> Appearance ->Businesswp -> One click demo Import -> And follow given steps for install demo contents.

After that, You can see our two demos. One is Default Layout, Second is Dark Layout. You can choose any layout and install according to your choice.

This will take few minutes to install our theme demo data.

That’s it.

Now, you can customize our theme demo contents according to your needs with posts, pages, widgets and custom page templates contents.

To change home page data, go to Your Admin Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Frontpage Sections -> Here you can see every sections settings in this panel.